Civilization in Transition 6, 2017    

 Clearing the Fog that Obscures: Toward a New Religious Understanding

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 –Sunday, October 29th, 2017 IHM Retreat Center –Santa Fe, New Mexico

According to all reports, the Dalai Lama is turning his attention from Buddhism towards the “secular ethics” of selflessness, compassion and connectedness. Actually, this doesn’t sound too far from the Buddha’s teachings, though the new approach may be from a slightly different angle. How rare to see someone refuse power within grasp, pushing away adulation and insisting that he is an ordinary human being, like everyone else. When asked if he would be reincarnated once again after his death, to be reborn as the Dalai Lama in new form, he said “No.” According to the tradition that installed the first Dalai Lama around 1400, this is his 14thstint, and this is it. Ready to go elsewhere. The position is no longer relevant, he says, because the world is moving toward something new in spiritual development. But like it or not, “ordinary” or not, Tenzin Gyatso, enthroned in 1940 at the age of four, may be one of the leaders of this new movement, as people flock to hear him when he appears in public. Interesting to see where this goes, don’t you think?

What is “religion,” anyway? Why is it such a controversial subject, not to be addressed at proper dinner parties for fear of offending someone? How are we to understand its eruption on today’s political scene? How did fear, suspicion, hatred, exclusion and intolerance come to be a part of religious baggage, and what meaning can we retrieve from religious traditions? What part will quantum physics play in a new approach to meaning? And maybe a more whimsical subject (or possibly not so whimsical): Can robots make soul? 

To that end, this year’s conference will help us sort out what “new religion” means, with reminders of old practices and a calling out of zealotry. Zealotry is often a mark of secret uncertainty, part of the old religious order. The new order may be one of less certainty and more openness to questioning.

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We’ll be having our Friday, October 27th, 2017 Fireside Chat/Roundtable 7:30PM – 9:30PM in IHM Retreat Center, 50 Mount Carmel Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico SunmountRoom of the Santa Maria Building $15/Person

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Civilization in Transition 5: 

Historical and Cultural Trauma 

Dr. Ursula Wirtz, Zurich Analyst, Keynoter and Author – 

Trauma and Beyond: The Mystery of Transformation 

5:30 PM, Thursday, October 29th, 2015 – Noon, Sunday, November 1st, 2015 IHM Retreat Center – Santa Fe, New Mexico 

“Shock. Thunder. When one learns what fear and trembling mean, there is a safeguard against terror produced from the outside.” So says the I Ching. 

In addressing the individual relationship to surrounding culture, the I Ching takes the long view: Watch; listen; act from insights learned from fear. The first step is to recognize what we fear, and why. Similarly, Carl Jung repeatedly pointed out the human desire for “sameness,” a predictability that allays fear and allows us to rock along without waves. But waves we have, and increasingly big ones, as demands for greater change and no change alternate in frantic attempts to order an unsettled world. 

See Video Murray Stein interviewing Ursula Witz (from Backyard Stories on Vimeo).

The individualism so cherished today has brought unprecedented freedom and opportunity; yet we cannot afford to forget its other face. All individuals are products of their environment, all tied to a cultural past. When we try to impose our concepts on other cultures, there is shock and thunder, not only to other tribes involved, but to ourselves. 

We cannot afford to imagine ourselves untouched by trauma to members of our world family. When a culture’s roots are torn away, its values and traditions scattered or lost, the world becomes a poorer place, but that is not where problems end. Reverberations from the pain and loss come back to strike us in the well-meaning face. This year’s Civilization in Transition conference will explore hidden and open trauma, and ways of facing and learning from the terror produced by these. 

The Foundation for Jungian International Training in Zurich and the Jungian Analysts of Washington Association invite you to join this vital discussion of cultural upheaval as Ursula Wirtz, Jungian Analyst from Zurich and author of Trauma and Beyond: The Mystery of Transformation, explores the language of trauma. From survivors of the Holocaust, Cambodia’s Killing Fields, and brutal Soviet occupations, Dr. Wirtz reflects on how our cultural narratives add to a conspiracy of silence about sexual savagery to women and children in war and refugee camps, a trauma known but seldom acknowledged. Also with us will be Rose Simpson, artist from the Santa Clara Pueblo, whose work honors tribal traditions while seeking meaning beyond the clichés about American Indian life. An articulate advocate for inducing consciousness through art, she has been described as “an artist with a good right hook.” D.C. Analyst Kathryn Cook-Deegan will add views from Jungian picture interpretation to the discussion; Minneapolis analyst Medora Woods will explore mythic images underlying the most destructive and most creative possibilities for the activities of human societies. Superbly talented musician Jacqueline Hairston will join us again, and the social dreaming matrix begun last year will continue, led by Kathryn Cook-Deegan and Kate Burns. Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, University of New Mexico Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, an expert on historical trauma, will be joining our round table discussion on Friday, October 30th, 2015. 

The Civilization in Transition (CIT 5) Conference will be held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Retreat Center, 50 Mount Carmel Road, in Santa Fe, with outstanding catering by Pinon Catering. Lodging there is simple but adequate, and quite inexpensive. For those who prefer more luxurious quarters (and an elevator) or who need handicapped facilities, we will help you make arrangements nearby. 


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We’ll be having our Friday, October, 30th Fireside Chat/Roundtable 7:30PM – 9:30PM in the Sunspot Room of the San Miguel building at IHM for those who can’t attend the entire conference but want to catch the spirit. $15/person. RSVP to Kathryn Cook-Deegan,, 202.738.0301. 

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