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Jungian International Training-Zurich Foundation

1757 Branard Street, #1 | Houston, TX  77098-2826 | USA 

27 November 2018

Dear Friends,

The members of the Board of the JITZ Foundation who were trained as Jungian analysts in Zurich were left forever grateful for the quality of experience offered in this international hub of Jungian education. Today’s candidates and auditors at ISAPZurich – coming from over 20 countries – continue to benefit from the only fulltime Jungian training offered anywhere in the world today. For information, check the website:

ISAPZurich relies on financial contributions from friends to continue its mission of full-time training, its auditor certification programs as well as its annual Jungian Odyssey and Zurich Lecture Series events. ISAP lecturers teach gratis or for points that offer minimal compensation for the time invested. Rental of the building, website design, office staff, the upkeep of a library and other functions require cash.

JITZ was created 10 years ago to provide financial assistance for ISAPZurich. It is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Contributions made by US citizens and residents, as well as foreign nationals, are tax deductible to the extent of their US-generated income. JITZ directly assists candidates with interest-free loans over the course of their 4-6 year training, subsidizes the Counseling Center to offer low-fee psychotherapeutic sessions; and underwrites the cost of a myriad of supplemental programs.

The Oswald Foundation continues its generous support again this year by offering a $12,000 matching grant to benefit the ISAPZurich Foundation. All donations up to that threshold will be doubled!

To make your 2018 tax-deductible donations, checks may be sent to JITZ at the address above before the end of the year. For online donations, click here. For international wire transfers, here is the bank information you need: International Swift Code: HIBKUS44; Routing number: 111901014; Account number: 302 70 50963.

To explore an additional area of support, the gifting of appreciated assets – from both stock and retirement assets - may be beneficial to both donors and JITZ. Please contact your personal tax advisor for guidance. If you choose to employ either of these vehicles to reduce your tax liability, please do not wait until the end of the year. Transfers of securities from your account have to be completed before 31 December 2018 (for a 2018 tax event) and the transaction can take a couple of weeks.

To stay apprised of next year’s annual Santa Fe Civilization in Transition conference, check on the JITZ site: This intimate autumn gathering is open to the public as well as clinicians and analysts. We welcome you. Our email address is

Thank you for your generosity.

With warm regards, 

Kathryn Cook-Deegan and Wynette Barton, Co-Chairpersons

Murray Stein, Vice-Chairperson

Kathryn Burns, Treasurer

Patricia Burrell, Secretary

David Barton

Barbara Lane

P. S.

To give an impression of the persons and ambiance at ISAPZurich today, go to where you will find film clips by ISAP analyst Luis Moris.

Download the above Fundraising Letter as a PDF file. (95.25 kB)