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Jungian International Training (in) Zurich

1757 Branard #1

Houston, TX 77098

November 20, 2017

Dear Friends,     

     As you contemplate donations to your favoured projects at the end of this year, please consider a financial contribution to ISAPZurich through The Foundation for International Jungian Psychoanalytic Training in Zurich (for convenience, abbreviated as JITZ). ( ISAPZurich relies on the support of its friends worldwide to continue its mission of training students from over twenty countries in classical Jungian psychoanalysis. To get an impression of persons and ambiance at ISAPZurich today, go to youtube where you will find film clips made by ISAP analyst Luis Moris.

     We are happy to report that this fall found a good number of new students from many countries of the world enrolling at the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich (ISAPZurich). We celebrate their arrival and will do our best to fulfill their dreams of studying Jungian psychology in Zurich. The academic program at ISAP is unique for its two semesters annually of lectures and seminars, as well as for its location in the original home of Jungian studies. Some of these new students will spend one or two semesters here, while others intend to become candidates and do the full training, which generally takes five to six years.

    JITZ was created in 2008 to provide financial assistance for ISAPZurich. Conducting full-time Jungian psychoanalytic training in Zurich requires many dedicated contributors to this enterprise. JITZ has made significant donations to ISAPZurich in the forms of direct financial assistance to students by providing interest free loans to cover tuition costs and subsidy for the Counseling Center, which provides low-fee psychotherapeutic services offered by candidates in the late stages of training, and for students attending special events at ISAP outside of the seminars and lectures.

     Our goal this year is to raise $20,000. The Oswald Foundation has again generously agreed to provide matching funds up to $10,000. Your gift will therefore be doubled by this grant.

     Please note, too, the annual conference sponsored by JITZ, Civilization in Transition (CIT). This is an intimate conference held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is open to the public and also draws interest from Jungian candidates and analysts. The dates for CIT 8 in 2018 are now under discussion; please check our website at for updates. You may add your name to the list of those interested by sending an email to

      JITZ is a tax-exempt US Code 501(c)(3) corporation, which makes contributions given by US citizens and residents, and foreign nationals to the extent of their US-generated income, tax deductible.

     To make your tax-deductible donations, checks can be sent to JITZ at the address above. For online donations, click here. For international wire transfers, here is the bank information you need: International Swift Code:  HIBKUS44; Routing number:  111901014; Account number:  302 70 50963.

With warm regards,   

Kathryn Cook-Deegan and Wynette Barton, Co-Chairpersons

Murray Stein, Vice-Chairperson

Kathryn Burns, Treasurer

Pat Burrell, Secretary

David Barton

Barbara Lane

Margot Estabrook Stienstra

Download the above Fundraising Letter as a PDF file. (82.93 kB)