pic_logo.pngJungian International Training Zurich

(Formally, The Foundation for International Jungian Psychoanalytic Training in Zurich)

was created in 2008 by several members of AGAP (Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology, member society of the International Association for Analytical Psychology) in the United States, Canada and Switzerland who wanted a vehicle through which they and others would be able to provide tax-deductible financial support (donations, sponsorships and annual givings) to the full-time, English language Jungian psychoanalytic training in Zurich. This type of training has been an historical tradition in Zurich since 1948, and is maintained today by the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAPZURICH), the training institute founded by AGAP in 2004.

The foundation is a tax-exempt US Code 501(c)(3) corporation, which makes contributions, donations, sponsorships etc. given by US citizens and residents, and foreign nationals to the extent of their US-generated income, tax deductible.

Please consider contributing to this important mission by designating a donation or sponsorship to our students, ensuring that our faculty can produce the next generation of Jungian analysts. More information about the programs ...

Full-time Analytical Training

Years of full-time immersion in Analytical Psychology is a life-changing  experience. All AGAP members to date have experienced this and recall their years in Zurich with fondness and gratitude – as well as with an occasional flinch for the financial hardships endured. AGAP, through its training program in Zurich (ISAP) continues to keep this tradition alive for its full-time candidates as well as for others who seek professional enhancement or personal fulfillment by exposing themselves to the richness and depth of its atmosphere for a more limited time. 

Zurich training has never been easy financially for foreign candidates.  Now inflation, the decline in the value of the dollar compared to European currencies, and a general increase in tension and financial pressures have forced many Americans to consider training in Zurich an impossibility, or they have had to leave Zurich before graduating. AGAP’s faculty at ISAP has labored mightily and without complaint to deal with these difficult economic and planning realities, while at the same time keeping alive the fire for this unique form of analytic training that many feel greatly benefits the world of Jungian psychoanalysis worldwide.

Did You Know?   

  • Training at ISAPZURICH now costs US$ 5,400 per year in tuition alone, and training for 5 years (counting tuition, analysis, control, and modest living expenses) runs to about US$ 80,000. Working in Switzerland is still generally impossible for foreigners. 
  • ISAPZURICH Participants (i.e., training analysts) regularly contribute to training by teaching for a mere symbolic financial compensation.
  • Present ISAPZURICH quarters are heavily subsidized by a benefactor who will not be around forever. New and larger, therefore also more expensive quarters, moreover, may be necessary in the near future.

The members of this Foundation share the conviction that the type of training and deep psychological formation offered at ISAPZURICH is even more important today and for tomorrow than it has been in the past. We are therefore dedicated to making its continuation possible for many who otherwise could not afford to consider this option. To this end, we ask for your help in securing the future of ISAPZURICH for the generations of Jungian psychoanalysts to come in the 21st Century. Your contributions will directly help international students who otherwise could not afford to train at ISAPZURICH by making scholarships and loans available to them and will also assist in providing the resources (facilities, library, staff) necessary for their adequate training.


View a short video clip about ISAPZURICH.